Pitfall The Lost Expedition Ships

Aspyr Media has announced that the PC version of Pitfall The Lost Expedition will be available in North Americans stores on October 16th. The game was launched by Activision on PS2, Xbox and GC in February this year - for more details check our PS2 review. The PC version is developed by Beenox Studios. Press "read more" for details.
Aspyr Media, Inc. today began shipping Pitfall®: The Lost Expedition, which will be in stores nationwide by October 16th. Pitfall®: The Lost Expedition? was developed for the PC by Beenox and is licensed by Activision, Inc. Deep inside the perilous South American Jungle, take on the role of the athletic and adventurous Pitfall Harry. Dozens of hazardous levels force Harry to maneuver through lush rain forests, creature-ridden caves and vast glacial mountains. While racing through a vast landscape of forests, ancient ruins and subterranean mines, you have to learn quickly how to discern friend from foe in this dynamic obstacle-filled world. With fast-paced action pathways and a host of obstacles and challenges, you must face the consequences of every decision. Crossing treacherous jungle terrain and dark areas filled with puzzles, tricks and traps, you¹ll be swinging on vines, avoiding crocodiles and dodging rolling logs as you unearth artifacts and use your cunning to defeat dangerous foes. Some jungle plants are toxic, some jungle creatures will help you, and not all monkeys are cute and harmless. Pitfall: The Lost Expedition will be enjoyable on all of the minimum specification hardware and Aspyr has worked with NVIDIA in an effort to provide the best out-of-box experience possible on NVIDIA hardware. Pitfall takes advantage of the latest NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series hardware to give dazzling water effects and more realistic movement and animation. The game is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. Get your copy today for only $29.99, http://www.aspyr.com/games.php/pc/pitfallh/.