They Bleed Pixels Crimson Update Deployed, Mac and Linux Versions Available, Trailer Released

Spooky Squid Games' gothic, low-fi platforming beat 'em up They Bleed Pixels celebrates Mac and Linux release with the Crimson Update for all platforms
Spooky Squid Games has announced that They Bleed Pixels, a fast-paced, "gothic lo-fi" platforming beat-em-up previously released via Xbox Live Indie Games for Xbox 360 and on Steam for PC, is also available today on Mac and Linux. All platforms received the Crimson update, which two new bonus levels: Winter's End, an action-oriented level set amongst icy hills blanketed in snow, and exp. 666, a challenging guest level from Mathew Kumar (Knight and Damsel, exp. zine). It also includes a new set of novice difficulty levels in story mode, making the game accessible to more casual players.