Bohemia Interactive Attends E3 2015 PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show will take place on June 16, from 6PM 8PM PDT (Wednesday, June 17, 01:00 03:00 UTC), at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles
Bohemia Interactive sent over a press release announcing its participation as official sponsor in the PC Gaming Show (Powered by PC Gamer), the first event dedicated to the PC platform in the history of E3. In celebration of the golden age of PC gaming, the show will include exclusive reveals, as well as fresh industry perspectives from key PC developers.
Bohemia Interactive will showcase Arma 3's new terrain, which will debut as part of a major expansion coming in 2016. With this expansion, the Arma 3 development team aims to deliver a completely fresh experience, featuring a new large-scale terrain, military vehicles, weapons, gear, characters, scenarios, and more.
In addition, Bohemia Interactive's DayZ and Take On Mars are also scheduled to appear on the show.

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