GTA San Andreas Screens #8

Rockstar Games sent us new screenshots from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Developed by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 2 and is expected to be in stores in North America on October 19, 2004 and in Europe three days later - the PC version of the game will be released next year. Be sure to grab the latest trailer if you haven't done so yet. Check full article to read new extensive details about the vehicles, stealth mode, weapons and more.
SAN FIERRO EXTRAS Vehicle Physics/Nitrous: Transportation of every type has always been at the core of the Grand Theft Auto series, with every vehicle based on a complex physics model, tuned to maximize fun and minimize player aggravation. The residents of the Grand Theft Auto universe have always had many choices of how to travel around, from boats to planes to helicopters to motorbikes, with the player free to “borrow” any of these at any time. San Andreas not only expands on the types of vehicles available with additions such as BMX bikes, monster trucks and even Go-Karts, but every type of vehicle has been rebuilt, refined and greatly improved. Each vehicle handles uniquely – each of the cars available in the game has a different physics model that defines how they accelerate, brake, turn, and interact with the world around them. While some cars are built for long trips on the state’s freeways, some really shine on the steep hills of San Fierro, and others only hold their own in the grassy fields between Los Santos and Los Venturas. You can equip certain cars with Nitrous Oxide, giving CJ’s ride a little more speed in sticky situations. In order to add nitrous you need to pull into a local Mod Garage where you will be given a choice of how much nitrous you want. Cost of nitrous is dependent upon the size of the bottle/number of charges. Once CJ purchases the desired amount a canister appears in the back seat of his ride or in the trunk and the canister gets bigger with the number of charges purchased. Equipped with N20 it’s time to hit the streets for some real high-speed action. While driving around a simple press of the Circle or L1 buttons and the nitrous is engaged! Watch as the world blurs past you as your speed increases dramatically and CJ’s tailpipe(s) glow with a fiery blue exhaust, complete with particle effects sparking off the back. On average nitrous lasts about 10-15 seconds, and during that time CJ’s momentum can carry him through destructible objects that he normally wouldn’t be able to crash through if he was going at a normal speed. Once CJ’s nitrous has expired it generally takes about 60 seconds for the next charge to rest and be ready to burn. Mod Garages Throughout San Andreas are located several types of garages where CJ can take his rides and pimp them out anyway he sees fit with a number of different customizations, however not all vehicles will be customizable. One such garage is the Wheel Angels Garage in San Fierro that specialises in street racing mods, another example is a low-rider garage in Los Santos that stocks flashier parts than some of the other garages around, there are also general all-purpose garages located throughout the state. Each car mod will cost a set amount of money some of which are: -Paint Jobs/Colors There will be several different style paint jobs, including flames, available depending on your car. Also once you pick a custom job you can color it to your liking with the help of a color swatch allowing CJ the option of customizing the two color components of each vehicle. -Roof Certain cars in the game give you the option of a selection of roofs: hard top, soft top, open roof. (Not available from all garages) -Bass In addition to body modifications you will also be able to give your car's stereo system a boost in the bass department. Perfect for cruising the hood. Other Mods Include: Front Bumpers, Rear Bumpers, Exhausts and Rims Alex’s Hot Dog Stand: Serving the finest dogs this side of Liberty City, you’ll find Alex’s Hot Dog Stands scattered throughout the entire state of San Andreas. An institution, Alex’s Hot Dog’s are the perfect road side snack when you’re a little low on energy and need to make it back to Hashbury for that important “meeting”. Just simply step up to the stand and within seconds you’re enjoying some of the best meat San Andreas has to offer. Stealth San Andreas now incorporates stealth action. CJ can now hide in dark corners or alleyways and avoid detection. Noise is the main enemy of detection, making an audible noise will alert enemies to his presence. When CJ is hidden in shadows, his dot in the center of the mini-map will turn blue. Walking slowly, or even better crouching and moving slowly, will help keep CJ from making noise. He can choose to go in guns blazing or sneak up behind enemies and take them out silently, using a variety of methods, 2 of which are below. Stealth Weapon – Knife The classic blade is the only one that allows for perfectly silent stealth kills. When CJ is behind an unsuspecting enemy and within range, he will raise his arm indicating that he’s within striking distance. A simple press of the circle button and CJ will grapple the enemy from behind and plunge his knife into their neck, eliminating any noise. Stealth Weapon – Silenced Pistol This pistol comes with an attached silencer, stifling the noise that a shot makes. Head shots are possible using either the free-aim mode from a distance, or the automatic lock that happens at close-range. While the pistol makes significantly less noise than the un-silenced version, other enemies nearby might still hear the report from the shot. SAN FIERRO LIVING (SAFE HOUSES): Just like past Grand Theft Auto games, the player will have safe houses throughout the game. The first Safe House in the game that CJ is introduced to is his Mom’s old house. If you want to hang out for a while check out the consoles, or take the opportunity to change your clothes. Any clothes you have bought will be kept in the wardrobe of your safe house. The save marker is a 3.5 floppy disk, remember, it is, after all, the early 90’s. So any time players want to save their game – they can come to these safe houses to save their games to their memory cards. Safe Houses are spread throughout the State of San Andreas, some are free to CJ, others will become available as you acquire property. Also the player can store cars that s/he likes in garages and in San Fierro, a city that lends itself so well to driving, it’s always good to have a sports car stashed in your garage. Shooting Range/Gun Accuracy One of the most important attributes CJ possesses is his weapon skill. CJ’s ability to take down the enemies quickly and accurately is a matter of life and death. By pressing L1 while holding a weapon players can easily view the skill status CJ has with the weapon he is holding. The stat displays a meter that fills in white as skill is gained (by using the weapon). CJ starts every weapon with a status of “Poor,” but, with use, can upgrade his skills to “Gangster” or “Hitman.” The quickest way to become proficient with a weapon is to stop by a local Ammu-Nation that has a shooting range. As CJ takes to the range, he will be facing-off against 2 competitors in a race to score the most hits. The range provides three rounds for each weapon; the first round’s winner is determined by who can shoot out 3 targets (each target has 7 spots to hit) at varying distances. The next round features moving targets, again a race to shoot them all first. The third round has a moving target that everyone is shooting at, the shooter with the most number of hits wins. For each weapon, the skill level will result in different upgrades, as a general rule of thumb; reaching higher skill levels will increase the rate of fire and accuracy. Also, with some weapons, getting better skills will give CJ the ability to fire while moving and strafing. Ammu-Nation Special, The Double Barreled Shotgun - Nothing in the world of firearms says “rebel” like a sawn-off shotgun, especially if it’s homemade. Combine the sawn-off barrels with a hand carved pistol grip and you’re well on your way to a very serviceable home-defense weapon. Two quick shots are available in rapid succession. And since the weapon is so light, CJ can easily run and unleash the destructive power of a shotgun. Since the barrel has been removed, the gun will never be very accurate. However, at higher skill levels with this gun, CJ can carry two of these, giving him 4 shotgun rounds to fire while moving at a rapid clip. The ultimate close quarters combat setup. Boat School Spending time on the water? The boat school provides a variety of challenges that will help improve your boating skills. Points are awarded for time taken to complete the given goals, and there are deductions for boat or buoy damage. Walk up to red marker in front of the video and monitor set up inside the boat school facility to begin the challenges. Driving School With a name like Grand Theft Auto, your skill behind the wheel of a vehicle (stolen or otherwise) is obviously one of the most important aspects of your experience in San Andreas. The driving school will teach CJ new techniques that can be used within the game or enhance his existing driving skills. Better driving skills will improve his overall control over a vehicle, eventually enabling him to do things like make sharp turns at high speed and quick stops. Vehicles in San Andreas feature in-air control, meaning you can adjust the pitch and roll of your vehicle much like the motorcycles, though not nearly as quickly. Helpful for that accidental canyon jump, this ability increases with driving skill too. Other tricks taught and practiced in driving school include 360s, controlled stops, how to control the car when a tire blows out, and the perfect barrel roll. You can also learn how to perform PIT techniques on other cars which is a useful skill to know. Cranberry Station Located in the Doherty section of San Fierro, Cranberry Station is the local stop for San Andreas’s own Brown Streak Express. Perhaps not the fastest way around the state, a scenic ride on the Brown Streak Express definitely harkens back to a simpler time. Simply climb aboard and within moments ease back, stare out the window and watch the scenic Countryside of San Andreas roll by. There’s a great mini-game here too, Freight Train. To start the game, hijack a train when it stops at any of the stations. Simply run up to the engine, yank the engineer out go! Once you are in control of the train, press R3 to begin the Freight Train challenge. There are only two controls: go and stop, and it takes a very long time to reach top speed. The same is true of braking, start early because it takes a while. When the mission is started a yellow blip appears at the next closest station that marks the cargo delivery location. CJ must stop the engine in the red marker to complete the first stage, this is where the skill and difficulty in the minigame is: stopping a huge lumbering piece of metal traveling at 100mph on a small blip, not as easy as it seems! The time limit, distance to the next train station, and your speed is displayed on the right side of the screen. Failure to reach the checkpoints within the time limits, or derailing the train by speeding off corners results in mission failure. Succeeding results in some serious cash!