Human Head Studios Developing Dungeon Defenders II for PS4, E3 2015 Trailer Available

New build of action tower defense game will showcase local split-screen and online co-op play at E3 2015
Trendy Entertainment and Human Head Studios have announced that both companies have joined forces to bring Dungeon Defenders II to PS4 later this year. Dungeon Defenders II is a third-person action tower defense game with RPG elements, featuring single-player and cooperative multiplayer gameplay. As the land of Etheria is besieged by the innumerable swarms of the Old Ones, players must build up their heroes and defenses to survive the onslaught. The sequel advances the core mechanics of the original Dungeon Defenders with new combat, defense and progression systems, including new abilities, loot, enemies and an elemental combo system.
Dungeon Defenders II will be playable on PS4 at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, inside Sony's booth in the West Hall. Players that go hands-on with the updated demo at E3 will be some of the first to experience the game's local split-screen co-op mode, in addition to online co-op play, where up to four players can team up to defend the realm of Etheria. Representatives from Trendy will be present for media interviews, as well as to answer any questions players may have during the show.