Anna's Quest Release Date, E3 2015 Video/Screens

Classic point & click adventure gameplay, a good deal of black humor and a fantastic story set in a dark fairy-tale world
Daedalic Entertainment has unveiled a new trailer and eleven more screenshots for Anna's Quest , announcing that this point & click adventure created by Australian developer Dane Krams for PC and Mac will arrive via Steam on July 2nd. In a land far, far away lives a brave young girl called Anna. She lives a peaceful life in the forest with her grandfather, until a mysterious illness befalls him. And so Anna ventures forth to find a cure for him, but this world is a much more dangerous and bizarre place than she'd thought: putting her journey to a sudden end, the witch Winfriede kidnaps Anna to use her for an experiment.
Winfriede's experiment is a success Anna develops telekinetic powers, but this is also where the witch's schemes are foiled: with the help of Ted, a boy who has been turned into a teddy bear, and new powers she can barely control, Anna manages to escape from her cell. Together with Ted and her new ability Anna is off for an adventure in the haunting world of Grimm's fairy-tales and European folklore.