Fable Becomes the Fastest Xbox Title in Europe

Fable breaks sales records in Europe
Microsoft Game Studios announced that Fable, the role-playing adventure game previously known as Project Ego, is the fastest-selling Xbox title ever in Europe according to independent research groups Chart-Track and GfK. For example, Fable sold through more than 30,000 units in the UK, taking number two in the all-formats chart and number one in the all-time first week sales ranking for Xbox. Fable also performed strongly in France, where more than 18,000 units were sold through. The success in Europe of Fable was echoed by a similar record-breaking launch at retailers across North America in its first week of release - Fable was sold in more than 375,000 units (grossing roughly $18.7 million U.S.). For details about the game developed by Peter Molyneux's studio Big Blue Box, in conjunction with Lionhead Studios, read our review.

Fable on Xbox
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