Card Hunter Coming to Steam

A free to play online Collectible Card Game which blends together card play, deck building, tactical combat and fantasy role-playing in a unique combination
Blue Manchu, an independent development studio founded by Jonathan Chey, Irrational Games co-founder and Director of Development on BioShock, announced today that Card Hunter will be launched via Steam later this month.
Card Hunter is a unique tactical role-playing game that brings to your desktop the good old days of pen-and-paper modules. Players build a party and set forth on a grand adventure in the extensive free to play single-player campaign featuring co-op multiplayer for gaming alongside friends. Each adventure demands deck-building skills and tactical prowess as players battle horrifying Black Oozes, savage War Monkeys and more.
Additional expansions and in game currency are available to extend and enhance the core game, but the mechanics have been balanced to ensure "free-to-play" doesn’t mean "pay-to-win."