First Wonder - Spiritual Successor to MDK & Giants: Citizen Kabuto Unveiled, Screens/Video Revealed

First Wonder blends third-person shooter elements with aerial acrobatics in a fantastical open-ended world ripe for exploration
Along with a video and these screenshots, Rogue Rocket Games announced that a playable demo of First Wonder will be available at PAX Prime at the end of August, with a crowdfunding campaign to support a multi-platform version of First Wonder planned later this year. First Wonder is a humor-laden, genre-defying game packed with memorable characters who must face a deadly giant while trapped on an island resort on the alien planet, Majorca. When a greedy corporation tricks the planet's peaceful inhabitants, the Majorcans, to give up their land to found a luxury resort, they accidentally awaken the slumbering giant Monstro. Tasked with fulfilling an ancient prophecy, destruction follows in Monstro's wake as he takes steps to accomplish his destiny-driven goal.
Monstro has formidable abilities that allow him to leap over obstacles, charge at opponents and exploit the natural formations of the expansive Majorcan Islands for quick traversal. The Cargonauts - a underprepared salvage team, way out of their league when Monstro awakens - take to the skies using their rocket technology in an attempt at matching Monstro's natural gifts. To find and capture the terrifying beast, the Cargonaunts must use their wits and a variety of tools and inventive traps.
In First Wonder, players will alternatively take the reigns of Monstro and the ragtag team of Cargonauts as they try to stop him. The living, breathing chain of Majorcan Islands - a "character" in its own right - offers a dynamic world with unique inhabitants and natural resources awaiting player interaction. Many secrets lay hidden within First Wonder, as tiered plateaus, surreal geological features, and surprising environmental effects create a rich and unpredictable alien world.