World of Warcraft: Legion Announced, gamescom 2015 Trailers and Screens

Turn the infernal power of the Burning Legion against them as the dexterous and deadly new Demon Hunter hero class
During an event streamed live around the world from gamescom 2015, Blizzard Entertainment revealed World of Warcraft: Legion, the sixth expansion to its acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It features a new Hero Class (Demon Hunter), Artifact Weapons (earn Artifact power to unlock abilities and traits, and customize your weapon to suit your needs), as well as a new continent (The Broken Isles) where you will discover the fate of a lost night elf civilization, confront twisted fragments of the Emerald Nightmare, and hunt agents of the Legion in all-new zones.
World of Warcraft: Legion also features new zones, dungeons, raids, and level cap raised to 110, plus a new PvP Honor System that unlocks PvP-specific spells and abilities. In addition, the expansion will allow players to boost one character to level 100, including a newly created character, quickly getting them primed and ready to battle the Burning Legion alongside their friends.
Two videos and sixteen screenshots have been added in our download section.