World of Tanks Update 10.0 Coming This Month

New battle mode and two exclusive war-torn maps to roll out
The next World of Tanks update will introduce Rampage, a new game mode available in two variants: Steel Hunt and Domination. This game mode features a series of new mechanics taking the challenge to a new level. With first time additions including respawns, garage battles, repair spots and capture the flag, Rampage will empower commanders to adapt their gameplay in order to claim victory. Players will also have new abilities Artillery and Airstrike available to inflict major damage against their opponents in battle. These two Rampage variants have unique victory conditions and different team setups, letting players choose one to their liking and embark on the quest of collecting more Victory Points than their opposition.
The Rubicon update will also offer two war-torn maps, Paris and Berlin, plus a special season of Personal Battle Missions where players can earn the Tier 10 T-22 sr. which was a huge hit with the testers. The achievement hunters obtain boosters and unique medals in their fight. Update 10.0: Rubicon also features a PvE tutorial and a tweaked tank customization system which will now add bonuses to Crew Skills.