World of Warships 0.5.1 Update Deployed

Discover new maps, tackle a new game mode, and reap greater rewards in Ranked Battles
Wargaming has released a new World of Warships update that brings a boatload of great content including three new maps set to test players' skills by plunging them into new waters. For the very first time, commanders will find "Northern Lights", a reimagining of a once-familiar locale, doused in darkness and the spectacle of the Aurora Borealis. New maps include "Land of Fire", inspired by South America and "The Trap"|, which is modelled on the fierce battles between U.S. and Japanese fleets, complete with an active volcano.
The new game mode "Zone" pits opposing teams in contention of one giant base in the middle of a map. However, this base only becomes available for capture two minutes into the battle. With "Zone", players will have to reevaluate their old tactics and techniques, trading off the vulnerability of open waters for glory. Also in update 0.5.1 are various additions and enhancements such as "Events", "Challenges", "Missions", and "Daily Missions".
Ranked Battles now feature even more rewards in the form of flags to deck out a vessel and make it the envy of others on the high seas. Also for those still finding their sea legs, Introductory Missions have been added with a tutorial to help commanders develop their tactical skills and strengthen their grasp of the game.