Perfect World International: War Front Launched, Video Available

Updates include cross-server battles and new solo dungeon
Perfect World Entertainment has announced that War Front, the seventh expansion for Perfect World International, is now live delivering a new multiplayer mode, Battle for Treasure Island, and a cross-server update to Nation Wars. Battle for Treasure Island is a 120-player all-out war where players must kill the other faction's commander or eliminate all their opponent's resources. Cross-Server Nation Wars is a bi-weekly in-game event that builds upon the current Territory Wars as players battle across servers to conquer nations. Both of these multiplayer modes offer new rewards based on individual and team performance.
War Front also introduces PWI's first dynamic solo-dungeon, Heavenfall. This new instance is one of the most difficult instances in PWI as it continuously changes each time players enter the dungeon. With 108 levels of challenging content, Heavenfall will rank players based on their performance and deliver some of the rarest rewards in the game.