Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PC Version Released

How will you spend your final days?
Square Enix today announced that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, originally released on Xbox 360 and PS3, is also available now on PC via Steam for $15.99. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for PC, players will embark on their final adventure in the Final Fantasy XIII series, which gives them the ability to have direct control over iconic heroine, Lightning. In a constantly moving, expansive environment, players must journey on a quest to save a doomed world from complete destruction - and in thirteen days, nothing will remain. Blessed with incredible strength and an arsenal of weapons Lighting has everything she needs for the coming battle - everything except time.
The PC build also includes all the DLC content from the original console version (except for FFVII Aerith Costume), including Japanese voice-overs and various costumes, shields and weapons.