Infinium Strike Announced for Xbox One

New missions playable at PAX South; Mac/Linux Open Beta underway
Previously announced for Windows, Mac and Linux, Infinium Strike will also be coming to Xbox One in Q2 2016, Codex Worlds announced. This is a 3D game that combines classic tower defense with popular lane management play in an arcade-style experience. The hostile, enigmatic Wrog are attacking humanity's outer colonies. Players can deploy a variety of weapons on the maiden voyage of Freedom Strike, the first Ares-Class Battlecarrier and the largest ship ever built. They will build a variety of towers, send out various fleet ships, or even use special TSF SuperTech abilities to decimate waves of enemy ships.
PAX South attendees can preview the intergalactic battle space tactical defense game at booth 17088 and be the first to play new missions not included in the open beta. The open beta, which includes the tutorial and several campaign missions, is now available for Mac and Linux after releasing for Windows in November.