Mad Cars v1.0 Released/Demo

Mad Cars v1.0 is available for Windows 95/98/2000/XP and priced at $19.95 (USD)
Realore Studious announced that the version 1.0 of Mad Cars, "a new racing game for the Windows platforms", has been released. Mad Cars v1.0 puts you behind the wheel of one of the 9 high speed racing vehicles that will shoot you through 6 tournaments, all the way to the victory. You will be able to hone your racing skills in the fiercest car battles with a cast of crazied, gun-toting motorists who forgot traffic rules long time ago. While challenging your rivals on 10 diversely-themed tracks including Autobahn, Atomic Station, Air Base, or Las Vegas, you mustn't forget to rake in Cash, Speed-Boost, Bullets and Repair Bonuses as they will significantly increase your chances for survival. Use the money to tune your car with hundreds of upgrade parts and advanced weapons. Local Download:
  • Mad Cars v1.0 Demo (6.7 MB)