World of Warships 0.5.3 Update Deployed

Players can now create the ultimate armada with fellow captains and gun for glory in 7-vs-7 skirmishes
Wargaming has released a new World of Warships update introducing Team Battles, which allow captains to create a formidable fleet with other players to take on teams from 3:00 pm PST–11:00 pm PST, ensuring there is always a skirmish at the ready. Team Battles is unlocked at account level 12 and pits two teams of seven against each other to rank up their rating and progress through the leagues. This battle type is also available to solo players, which means that all those mercenary captains out there can drop in to battles on the fly.
In addition to the new map, Tears of the Desert, update 0.5.3 also introduces several new Commander Skills to help players achieve a perfect balance of support and aggression. The new consumable - Torpedo Reload Booster - is great for Japanese destroyers and a must for all torpedo aficionados.