Sony Europe's PSP Lineup

New PSP assets from Sony
Sony Europe sent us info and screenshot from the following games which will be released on PSP console: Ape Academy, Everybody's Gold, Fired Up, FOOTBALL (working title), Formula One, MediEvil, Ridge Racers, WipEout Pure and WRC. Click on each game title to see the screenshots and press 'read more' for details about each game.

Overview: Ape Academy Q&A
Fact Sheet: Ape Academy
Overview: Everybody's Golf Q&A
Fact Sheet: Everybody's Golf
Overview: Fired Up Q&A
Fact Sheet: Fired Up
Overview: FOOTBALL Q&A
Fact Sheet: FOOTBALL
Overview: Formula One Q&A
Fact Sheet: Formula One
Overview: MediEvil Q&A
Fact Sheet: MediEvil
Overview: Ridge Racer Q&A
Fact Sheet: Ridge Racer
Overview: WipEout Pure Q&A
Fact Sheet: WipEout Pure
Overview: WRC Q&A
Fact Sheet: WRC