Watch Warcraft Movie and Get World of Warcraft for Free

Buy a ticket to Legendary Pictures' Warcraft movie from participating partners and continue the adventure with a free digital copy of World of WarCraft
Blizzard Entertainment sent out a press release announcing a promotion that gives moviegoers a chance to continue the journey they began in Legendary Pictures' Warcraft movie. Anyone who buys a ticket to see Warcraft from participating partners across Europe will receive a free digital copy of World of Warcraft.
In addition, World of Warcraft players around the globe can celebrate the movie's release by customizing their in-game weapons with four movie-inspired looks, including the ornate sword and shield carried by soldiers of the Alliance, a massive and menacing Horde axe, and the staff of the fel-twisted orc warlock Gul'dan. Players who log in to the game between May 25 and August 1 will automatically receive this free set of cosmetic gear to permanently add to their collection.