The Assembly Released, Launch Trailer

Designed from the ground up to be a perfect VR adventure experience
nDreams has announced that the VR adventure The Assembly is available now on PC for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, priced at $29.99 / 24.99 / 19.99. The Assembly also includes a non-VR mode, which has been reworked to be played on a monitor. Once purchased, you have the option to upgrade to the VR edition at any time in order to experience the game as originally intended.
In this adventure game, you will be challenged by moral dilemmas as you uncover the secrets of The Assembly, a mysterious organization that has been experimenting deep below the Nevada Desert. Hidden from the world, unconstrained by government scrutiny and society's morals, this collective of scientists, engineers and academics are free to experiment as they choose.
As a lethal avian virus threatens to escape the confines of its underground laboratory, a chain of events puts The Assembly's existence on the line. You will play as two individuals - Cal Pearson and Madeleine Stone - each with their own perspectives and motivations. For better or worse, the impossible decisions ahead will transform not just their own future, but that of entire nations.