DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil First Screens

The expansion pack will offer new locations, characters, weapons and maps
Our gallery has been updated with the first batch of screenshots of DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil, illustrating this addon co-developed by Nerve Software and id Software (thanks: Lukáš). In Resurrection of Evil, the story take place two years after the events from the original game and this time you play as a different marine sent to assist Dr. Elizabeth McNeal in investigating a strange beacon on the planet. When you discover a weapon known as the "Artifact", Betruger will send three demonic hunters after you - all their abilities will be transferred into the Artifact. The expansion pack will feature new locations, characters and weapons (including, oh, the double-barreled shotgun), multiplayer support for up to eight players and new maps. Resurrection of Evil will require the full retail version of DOOM 3 - the release date is still unknown.