Goblins and Coins Hits Alpha, New Trailer

Help a poor goblin retrieve the stolen coins and avoid punishment from its boss, the evil dragon
Created by Nikola Bulj for Windows and Linux, Goblins and Coins is a casual 2D platformer with an old school (hard) mode planned for the future. You are a goblin cook working for an evil dragon. Your master has been robbed by the pesky rogue. You will follow them through 5 different settings, from dragons lair in the Fiery temple of Doom, all the way to the Castle Keep, and return the stolen treasure.
Goblins and Coins features more than 30 levels, 2 difficulty settings, keyboard and gamepad support and more. A free demo is available at Itch.io and IndieDB pages and it features the entire initial two worlds, so you can get acquainted with the story and mechanics.