Severed 3DS Version Released in North America

From the team that brought you Guacamelee! and Mutant Blobs Attack
DrinkBox Studios has announced that the 3DS version of Severed, a first-person adventure originally released on PC, PS Vita and Wii U, is now available on the Nintendo eShop. Severed puts players in the role of Sasha, a one-armed warrior, who has embarked on a danger-ridden quest to find her family. Players will hack, slash, and swipe their way through both nightmarish monsters and uniquely challenging puzzles.
In Severed, players use swipe-based touch controls to solve puzzles, find secrets and battle with a host of disturbing monsters, including giant floating skull wizards and beasts made of crows. During the journey, players unlock new abilities, ascend an RPG-style upgrade tree, and uncover the mysteries of the dark fantasy universe Sasha finds herself in.

Severed on DS
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