Fire: Ungh's Quest Released on Wii U

The game controls of the humorous game about the chaotic Neanderthal Ungh have exclusively been adapted for the Wii U
The Stone Age adventure Fire: Ungh's Quest is now available for Nintendo's Wii U, Daedalic Entertainment announced. Fire: Ungh's Quest tells the tale of the clumsy Ungh, who falls asleep during the night watch and lets his tribe's campfire go out. He is then ordered to go on a quest for a new fire. With unusual tools like mammoths, monkeys, and coconuts, the exploration adventure relies on intuitive puzzles and a lot of tricky tasks. Ungh is a typical Neanderthal and not exactly the sharpest flint knife in the quarry, and so the fantastic adventure gets by without much talking.
The player helps Ungh make his way through the prehistoric world and get new fire. On the way, he meets bats and dinosaurs, explores steppes, jungles, and even the interior of a volcano. Whether or not he ultimately relights his tribe’s fire depends entirely on the puzzle-solving skills of the player.