DreamCatcher Games Signs Obscure

Survival horror game comes to North America for PC, Xbox and PS2
DreamCatcher Games announced it has joined forces with MC2 to publish and distribute Obscure: Learn about Fear, the survival horror developed by Hydravision Entertainment, in North America in March 2005. Inspired by the teen horror genre, made popular by a number of recent movies and primetime TV shows, Obscure follows a group of 5 American students as they try to unravel the mysterious happenings and disappearances that keep occurring at their school. Obscure is one of the first survival horror games to propose a full cooperative mode: a second player can take control of another student and work together to fight monsters and resolve puzzles, adding a new level of challenge to the game. Press 'read more' for details and don't forget to check out the demo if you haven't done so yet.