Jazon and the Dead Fig Campaign Underway, Trailer Released

Jazon and the Dead is heavily inspired by old horror and B-movies (Night of the Living Dead and Braindead)
2nd Studio is running a Fig campaign for Jazon and the Dead, a style-rich, blood-splashed, top-down, action-adventure game that promises to mix brain-twisting puzzles with an engaging narrative, dark humor and a hip 80's vibe. As the game starts, Jazon wakes up disoriented in the restroom of a bar and he doesn't remember a thing. As he leaves the bar, he finds a ruined world ruled by zombies and scumbags.
As Jazon travels across the wasteland, he must discover his past to save the future. Along the way he meets Zoey, a wasteland veteran who just wants to forget about her history. Together they visit the oracle in the mountains, who foresees a prophecy leading them on an epic odyssey to save humanity from complete annihilation.