Final Goalie: Football Simulator Released on Steam, Launch Trailer

Final Goalie is the goalkeeper simulator game specially designed for virtual reality that lets you play HTC-VIVE vs. mobile
Produced in a collaboration between indie game developers Ivanovich Games and Dark Curry, Final Goalie: Football Simulator is available now on Steam as a goalkeeper simulation experience designed exclusively for the HTC Vive. The game offers 3 distinct modes of play; in Simulator Mode your task is to go against the best teams in the world across 150 levels. In Arcade Mode you will catch and throw balls to trigger diverse power-ups, such as slow-motion replay, giant gloves and a lot more.
Multiplayer HTC Vive vs. mobile mode is a gameplay experience in which you compete against your friends in online mode, where penalty kicks can be done from your smartphone by downloading Final Kick on iOS or Android.