Supernova: Galactic Wars Demo

The game itself plays like a mix of Chess and a classic arcade game
Winter Wolves Studio, creators of Universal Boxing Manager and The Goalkeeper, have released a playable demo for Supernova: Galactic Wars, a strategic shoot 'em up game where you must choose one of two sides: the evil Red Legion with their charismatic leader, Tanja, or the mystic Blue Army and their Great Council. Each side possesses 10 unique ships, for a total of 20 ships available for the player to control. Every ship has up to 3 different types of firearms for a total of 26 different weapons present in the game. Supernova: Galactic Wars features two different types of play: Story Mode and Quickbattle. In Story Mode you'll lead your faction to the conquest of the galaxy, destroying the opposition in 10 different missions. In Quickbattle you'll be able to set up a custom match choosing from 5 different maps (each one with different playing strategies) and build your own fleet ship by ship with a limited budget. Supernova: Galactic Wars can be purchased from its official website.