3DMark v2.2.3509 Available

Added a two-minute timeout to the SystemInfo scan to prevent it from stalling for long periods on some specific systems
Futuremark has deployed another version of 3DMark that fixes a GUI issue that resulted in marginally lower than expected scores when starting a test from the Benchmark Details screen in 3DMark versions 2.1.2852 and later. Benchmark runs started from the Home screen or the Command Line were not affected. Note that is normal for 3DMark scores to vary by up to 3% between runs since there are factors in a modern, multitasking operating system that cannot be completely controlled.
With this update, overall scores are expected to increase by up to 0.3%. Scores from the Physics and CPU parts of benchmark tests may improve by up to 2.5%. Scores from this version of 3DMark are consistent with results from previous versions that did not have the GUI issue.

3DMark on PC
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