War Thunder 1.65 Update Deployed, Trailer and Screens

Way of the Samurai reveals the Japanese tanks, adds cockpit interiors for all aircraft, new vehicles, maps and additional improvements
Revealing a video and these screenshots, Gaijin Entertainment announced that update 1.65, 'Way of the Samurai', marks the release of the originally proposed War Thunder game and ends Open Beta with all current in-game nations featuring their own aircraft and tank trees. The introduction of ships also means that War Thunder now takes the fight to land, air and sea to complement the game. Gaijin Entertainment will continue its commitment to improving the game through regular updates, as they progress toward the research trees of War Thunder Ships, which currently reside in pre-beta testing.
War Thunder's 'Way of the Samurai' update focuses on completing the Armor of the Imperial Japanese Army, which adds 30 armored ground forces vehicles, featuring a full range of light and medium tanks as well as self-propelled guns and anti-aircraft vehicles modeled on interwar vehicles to proven mid-war workhorses and modern developments of the Cold War era.
Update 1.65 also includes the integration of cockpit interiors for all aircraft with working gauges and indicators. The update contains two new maps for ground and combined arms combat, Abandoned Factory and 38th Parallel. While the first challenges tankers and air support to identify targets in a maze of industrial workshops and loading bays, the latter propels players into the Korean peninsula and is the first ground combat location based on a post-World War II setting. In addition it contains a dozen additional ground and air vehicles for other nations bringing the total number of available vehicles to more than 800.