Flashpoint Germany Released

Matrix Games Releases Cold War Era Strategy Game, Flashpoint Germany!
Matrix Games announced today that the tactical wargame Flashpoint Germany is available via download from the Matrix Games website. Flashpoint Germany takes you back to the height of the cold war where tensions run tighter than a clock-spring. This time the peace-talks have failed. The world as we know it stands on the brink of World War 3 as the two super powers of NATO and the Soviet Warsaw Pact square off in a modern tactical simulation of what could have been. Flashpoint Germany spans 17 different scenarios and comes complete with a scenario editor, order of battle guide and equipment database. Additionally, players can play online, by e-mail, or against a competitive computer opponent. Each battle map is a detailed representation of the German landscape, representing the actual terrain that would have influenced battles throughout West Germany. Check the press release for details.