forma.8 Dated, Launch Trailer

Side-scroller promises intrigue, puzzles and a unique world to explore
Developed by MixedBag for PC, Mac, iOS, PS4, PS Vita and Wii U, forma.8 is a side-scroller featuring a physics-based world created using hand drawn vector graphics mixed with 3D elements. In a distant future, the small exploration probe forma.8 is stranded alone on the surface of an alien planet. He got separated from his companions by an accidental event and has a life or death mission to accomplish: he needs to find and recover a powerful energy source deep under the surface before it's too late.
Floating gracefully in mid-air, with a control system that aims to give the player a true sense of flying, forma.8 starts with no powers, no weapons and no hints of what to do and where to go: it's up to the player to explore the planet, deal with its often hostile inhabitants, and slowly uncover the story. There is no verbal communication in the game, everything is conveyed to the player only with images, sounds and by the gameplay itself.
forma.8 will be released on the 23rd of February.