Nintendo DS UK Launch Details/Screens

Up to 16 players can communicate using PictoChat, or play multiplayer games at distances of up to 100ft
At a press conference in Paris, Nintendo announced that DS console will be available to buy in the UK on 11 March at the estimated retail price of around £99 and will be supported by a strong software line up: Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo), WarioWare Touched! (Nintendo), Polarium (Nintendo), Pokémon Dash (Nintendo), Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2005 (EA), The URBZ: Sims in the City (EA), Spider-Man 2 (Activision), Project Rub (SEGA), Mr. DRILLER: Drill Spirits (Namco), Rayman DS (Ubisoft), Asphalt Urban GT (Gameloft/Ubisoft), Sprung: The Dating Game (Gameloft/Ubisoft), Zoo Keeper (Ignition), Ping Pals (THQ), Robots (Vivendi) - click on the links to see new screenshots of each game. Nintendo DS will come with a free software programme called PictoChat, which allows DS owners to write messages and create pictures and send them wirelessly to other DS users nearby. The initial shipment of Nintendo DS for launch will also be bundled with a playable demo version of Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt. Forthcoming games include Advance Wars DS (temporary title), Yoshi Touch & Go! (temporary title) and Nintendogs (temporary title) from Nintendo as well as Need for Speed Underground 2 from EA, Star Wars: Revenge of Sith from Activision, and Castlevania from Konami. Check full article to read various materials, including The Nintendo History of Handheld and a technical detailed description of the DS console.