Introvert Quest Released on Steam

A hyperbole version of various human weaknesses
Developed by Amaterasu Software for Windows PC, Introvert Quest is a comedy based JRPG set in a fictional, modern setting. The player will experience the life of a socially awkward shut-in named Bryce Han, who is pushed into (for him Herculean) tasks by his therapist and friend of his late father, Dr. Abe Eisner.
Through the intensive four day therapy, the player will tackle tasks such as: going to the store, making new friends, finding a part time job and many more. But, even such menial tasks can hold may dangers of a big city for one not used to its streets. Scammers, beggars and delinquents lurk around every corner waiting for unsuspecting targets.
Introvert Quest can now be purchased from Steam.