Monopoly Tycoon Patch v1.4

Infogrames has released a new patch for Monopoly Tycoon. This patch (v1.4) fixes a few more bugs and adds new scenarios & texture sets. Size: 2.71 MB. Note: This patch is needed in order to install the new Extra Packs.
This release includes all fixes and updates from all previous patches. * Added map selection to skirmish and multiplayer modes. * Added serverside version checking, players of different versions will not be allowed to join. * Addressed Railroad / utility issues. * Added all custom scenarios produced from patch 1.3, Extras pack 1 and Extras pack 2. * Added 2 new custom scenarios "Reign of the Outsider" and "The Campaign Trail". * Added network adaptor selection to the configuration panel. * Altered the patch installation so you can now reinstall the patch over the same version if you wish. * Added 'Italian' to the patch language verification. * Added 2 new texture sets ( Matchstick and Rough ).