Munch Time 2 Hits Steam Greenlight, Screens and Video

A love letter to 90's games on PC and SNES, such as Earthworm Jim, Lion King and Donkey Kong Country, but with the freeroaming vibe found in Metroidvania games
Munch Time 2 is the multiplatform sequel to Gamistry's 2012 iOS/Android game Munch Time, expanding the game's previous universe into the metroidvania genre on mobile, PC and console.
The silly and acrobatically gifted chameleon Munch is back, this time finding himself stranded on a island with other funny little critters, and a couple of ominous monsters. You will explore this mysterious world and make the most of his abilities: latching onto various flowers to navigate the 2D platforming environments and changing color to solve puzzles using these flowers. He also gains a wide range of new skills to help his new-found friends, a funny tribe of living plants called Leaflets. You can fight their enemies, by lunging towards them with your tongue, dashing over land or through the air, and bodyslam yourself into the fray.
Munch Time 2 is currently collecting votes via Steam Greenlight here - a video and lots of screenshots are available.