Lemuria: Lost in Space Released, Launch Trailer

Lemuria: Lost in space is a unique adventure, full of mysteries, puzzles and shocking discoveries
Developed by EJRGames for PC, Lemuria: Lost in Space is a Point 'n Role Adventure, a unique combination of point 'n click adventure, RPG and survival game. The Lemuria 7 spaceship has been missing for almost 40 years. Now it is back in the Solar System, however there are no crew members on it. It's also unclear how the Lemuria 7 has returned and why it has been seriously damaged. In Lemuria: Lost in Space, you play as Abrix - the robot with AI that may operate in extreme temperatures, high levels of radiation and that yields weapon and hacking modules in order to explore the whole ship.
In order to explore over 100 rooms of the spaceship, you'll need to solve dozens of puzzles, find valuable resources for the robot and fight with security turrets and other enemies patrolling the ship. Solving puzzles not only rewards you with priceless resources, but also uncovers the story of the lost crew of Lemuria 7. The level of challenge depends on difficulty.