Six Sides of the World Released on Wii U

The ultimate match: your brains vs. sci-fi hazards
Launched in 2016 for Windows, Six Sides of the World is now available for Wii U in Europe for 4,99, Talking About Media and Dolores Entertainment announced. Developed by Cybernetik Design, Six Sides of the World is a puzzle videogame that takes you into an intergalactic journey through different galaxies riddled with brain-racking challenges. Each galaxy is comprised by different puzzles that introduce new and more challenging mechanics. But most interesting feature of this is that these galaxies can be navigated linearly, following a easier predetermined path; or you can make a detour if you are brave enough. Some of the puzzles will present more than one possible solution, enabling the player to achieve a more difficult victory, that will unlock new extra puzzles.