Miko Mole Released on Wii U, Launch Trailer

Heavily influenced by Boulder Dash, Worms, Stealth 2 and Unmechanical
EnsenaSoft has announced the Wii U release of Miko Mole, an arcade adventure published by Alawar Entertainment, featuring charismatic Miko with a passion for shiny gems, who is on a mission to become master thief by collecting enough diamonds on each level to open its exit to progress. Miko Mole offers 5 challenging environments with 40 levels per world.
You will dig down, dig deep, and uncover precious gems for Miko, but be careful, as each level requires quick reflexes and cunning strategy to avoid the many obstacles, surprises, traps and tricky puzzles, not to mention the many enemies such as bats, skunks and rats. And if you get stuck, certain objects of the environment can be manipulated granting access to otherwise inaccessible areas.