RattHunter Announced

The advanced physics engine used in the game allowed us to create a highly interactive environment
Game Factory Interactive announced today they have signed an agreement with Secret Sign Development Studio to develop RattHunter, a traditional first-person shooter set in a hi-tech environment where the main character of the game is a freelance reporter who started an independent investigation in order to expose the truth behind the disappearances of workers of a corporate facility. Players will have to overcome different obstacles and solve various puzzles in order to get to the next level. They will also get to shoot monsters, but there is no goal such as "Kill everyone" - the enemies are just a device to maintain the tension and further the story. RattHunter features 8 weapon types, more than 20 locations, various adversaries, including horrible genetic mutants, cyborg sentries and corporate mercenaries, each differing in behavior and combat tactics and more (check full story for details).