Sons of the Void Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight Campaigns Launched, Trailer and Screens

Space dungeon crawler with RPG elements
Grogshot Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Sons of the Void, aRoguelite where you control a three-member squad in order to explore, shoot, get juicy loot and save the universe from an imminent destruction. You are part of the Sons of the Void Society, a group of Void worshippers united by a leader, The Nomad, who is nothing else but a mere vassal of The Void, an ancient monolith with uncertain, but impressive powers.
The Nomad will assign you missions across the universe, where you must recover the lost pieces of The Void, rebuild it, and thus give back its full power. You only have once chance, so you must not waste it. However, not everything is about shooting enemies. By completing each mission, you'll be rewarded with credits that you can spend to improve your characters' skills, upgrade and buy weapons, get better and fancier buildings for your town and improve your whole society.
Sons of the Void is also currently collecting votes via Steam Greenlight here - a video and ten screenshots are available for your viewing pleasure.