Beholder Blissful Sleep DLC Released

This content requires the base game Beholder on Steam in order to play
Alawar announced that Beholder, a dystopia simulator developed by Warm Lamp Games and available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, has received a major DLC pack called Blissful Sleep. Keeping the totalitarian atmosphere of the main game, the DLC transports players back in time, telling the pre-story of the events that happened in the house before The Ministry of Introductions appointed Carl as the snitching landlord, who is torn by moral choices on a daily basis.
The Beholder: Blissful Sleep DLC introduces several deeper, more complicated character backgrounds and shocking story twists taking place in the same Krushvice 6 house before the original storyline begins. The State laws have become more oppressive than ever, disrupting the lives of the people and leaving them miserable and in search of salvation. Players continue to operate under strict totalitarian rules, everyday making moral choices that eventually lead to one of several story endings available.