VR Karts Released on PSVR, Video Available

Fancy putting the pedal to the metal and obliterating the competition?
VR Karts, the world’s first virtual reality kart racer, is now available on PlayStation VR, Viewpoint Games announced. In VR Karts players can hop in the driver's seat of their own customized kart and race against each other through various environments as they collect power ups and use weapons to gain the upper hand over other racers.
VR Karts features a host of mad weapons to bamboozle rival drivers, from beehive bombs to crippling EMP strikes which reverse an opponent's steering. Players can use the unique head targeting that only VR can provide to take out rivals and cross the finish line first. You can create your own style by selecting your kart and racer colours, then add custom props for extra style. Players can select from an array of helmets, visors and even choose their own horn sound.