Dynasty Feud Released on Steam, Launch Trailer

The game won one of the Playstation Award 2016; its release date for PS4 will be announced soon
Dynasty Feud is a 2D fighting game, a multiplayer party brawler that pits unique teams of characters against each other in a series of pulse-racing rounds. With up to eight different dynasties battling it out across sprawling dynamic maps at once, the action is fast, hectic as players try to outwit each other in frantic battles. With every dynasty having a unique fighting style, characters, abilities and weapons, no two games are ever the same. And with its online and local multiplayer modes, you can choose between facing opponents from all over the world or fighting friends in your own couch.
Kaia Studios today announced that Dynasty Feud is out now on PC / Steam for $14.99 (10.99, 14.99).