Heroes & Generals Care Package Update Deployed, Video Available

New handguns benefit both new and veteran players
Unveiling a video, Reto-Moto announced that a new update for Heroes & Generals is now live introducing three new pistols for all soldiers: The Soviet Korovin TK, The German Model 1934, and The US 1903 Pocket Hammerless. The new pistols unlock early in the game benefitting rookie players. However, veteran players will find that the small size of these pistols makes them fit really well in almost any loadout.
Among the improvements that were requested by the community, the Care Package update includes a so-called new Sound Occlusion system, where sounds from sources not visible to the player gets muffled. Running and sprint animations are more distinct, making for a more immersive gameplay experience. Casings ejecting from all weapons have been reworked to look more realistic. And players can now see when teammates are using a First Aid Kit to heal them.