Battleborn's Free Trial Released, Launch Trailer

The Battleborn Free Trial is a whole new way to experience Battleborn without having to pay a dime
2K and Gearbox Software have announced that Battleborn's Free Trial, a free downloadable experience granting unlimited access to all competitive multiplayer gameplay modes and maps, without any time limits or level caps, is now available globally on Steam and Xbox One. It will be available for PS4 players starting on June 13, 2017. In addition to unlimited competitive multiplayer gameplay, Battleborn's Free Trial also offers access to a rotating roster of six free playable heroes, which include the same character and account progression found in the full game.
Players who have already purchased and played Battleborn prior to the launch of the Free Trial are now awarded Founder Status and will receive a slew of in-game item rewards including loot packs, credits, an exclusive "Founder's Crown" Flair item and more. Flair are special pieces of gear introduced with the arrival of the Free Trial that bestow visual components on heroes, such as horns and headwear.