Fringe Wars Screens 19 June 2017

Fringe Wars pits players in 5v5 tactical MOBA warfare
Oasis Games sent us the first screenshots from Fringe Wars, an all-new sci-fi action multiplayer MOBA game developed for PC. As captains of mercenary ships, players must wage war for the highest bidder on the fringe: a region of space heavily fought over for its wealth of resources and strategic importance. Fringe Wars puts players in direct command of massive capital starships and pits them in 5v5 tactical MOBA warfare.
Fringe Wars allows players to choose from a variety of ships each with its own unique stats, loadout, abilities and role. As captains earn fame and fortune in the fringe, they are able to heavily customize their ships in a variety of ways. Each ship has various modules that can be swapped out with other purchasable equipment such as weapons and shields. Captains can also visually customize their ships in detail.
Fringe Wars is currently in late alpha and will be heading to Steam Early Access in Q4 2017.