Starlink: Battle for Atlas E3 2017 Trailer

Players assemble customizable controller-mounted starships that launch players into interplanetary adventures
Ubisoft offers a trailer for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, an all-new action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Toronto, launching worldwide in Fall 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Powered by the Snowdrop engine. this open-world space saga features Smart Building Technology empowering players to assemble and customize real-world physical starships. Each part attached to the starship appears instantly in-game and players can experiment with different pilot abilities, weapon types and status effects and unleash devastating combos upon their enemies.
In Starlink: Battle for Atlas there are multiple ways for the player to achieve their objectives. Through experimentation, creativity and customization players will discover which playstyle works for them, and the open-world gameplay gives the freedom to choose where to travel and which alliances to form. Players may also choose to build their collection physically or digitally, and every piece is compatible with each other.