Juanito Arcade Mayhem Coming to Steam

Juanito Arcade Mayhem revives all the retro classics in a 2D animated adventure fighting all kinds of aliens, old school enemies and epic bosses
Developed by Argentinian team Game Ever for Windows PC, Juanito Arcade Mayhem takes the mechanics made popular by Super Pang and combines them with bullet-hell elements. When the mutant Clonocells from outer space attack, a young and lazy boy by the name of Juanito (pronounced "who-won-ee-toh") becomes our last hope. Chosen by Gluk, a bipolar manipulative alien, Juanito must enter an arcade cabinet and stop the infection, armed with nothing but his comfy pyjamas and his fearsome arsenal.
You will travel through 80+ levels, where each unique world adds a different twist influenced by the same arcade game that served as its inspiration, including classics such as Pac-Man, Wonder Boy y Arkanoid, among several others. Juanito Arcade Mayhem will launch via Steam on August 3rd.