Past Cure Story Trailer

Past Cure is a single-player game that neatly combines stealth elements with dynamic action sequence
Berlin based independent developer Phantom 8 Studio offers a video for Past Cure showcasing this game set to launch in Q4 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The fictional world of Past Cure is set in two different dimensions, the gritty real world and the abstract dream world - a concept that will remind fans of the Hollywood blockbuster, Inception.
Past Cure follows the highly decorated ex-elite soldier Ian and his chase for the men who once betrayed and transformed him. For years, Ian had been the subject of secret human trials, held in a dark prison somewhere in Europe. The experiments left him changed. Ian developed powerful skills such as mind control and telekinesis, but paid the price with his sanity. Each time he uses his powers, the madness inside him grows. This madness is fully revealed in his dreams - and now stretches its claws to reality. With the help of his brother Markus and the mysterious double agent Sophia, Ian pursues the men in the shadows as he takes on Eastern European cartels, secret organizations and unscrupulous scientists. He also encounters an adversary who does not seem to be of this world.